Must be a red date, it does not mean a lack of enthusiasm to get red money. Hehe

Because the day may be a holiday, but maximum effort and resignation cannot be relaxed. Then the brutal action, the ojo kakean alesan. Shut up! 😤👊

By the way, Mofast's registration will end tonight. So, for those who have not had the chance to register, or are still procrastinating and many delays, immediately take advantage of the opportunity, before being late.

Link the list of partners to:

Before you list Mofast partners, I want to share a little about the concept of sustenance. So, I personally include people who do not think that hard hard will be directly proportional to the results. Oh, no. You know?

If the formula or rules are so, then the pelvis and construction workers will be the most successful people on the face of the earth. In fact? Not all, barely even.

So, when it comes to sustenance, it's always cool and there won't be any boredom. The proof is, the mor…


I really really don't like to take a walk. That is, it is not just walking really, but the road in the sense of traveling and holidays. Why?

Yes, I don't like it. Because in my opinion, it's better to work on the front of the laptop than to explore a vacation spot that is said to be fun. Apart from being lazy, even too tired. Hehehe.

The problem is, my wife & child is just the opposite. They would prefer to go for a walk than if they have to go to the house first. Hadeeeeuh ... I got confused. Mumet, bro!

If I am selfish, then there will be no such thing as Family Time in a week to take a walk with them, because that is not really me. However, I keep trying to understand their desires, even though my empathy is low, it does not mean that it is used as an excuse to be a husband and father that sucks for dear ones. Hopefully they don't consider me such a husband / father. 😭😭😭 aamiiin ... tag Wiwin Supiyah

After trying to get used to it, it turns out the streets ar…


I rada naf right when I got a verdict from one of the teachers who said that I didn't have the talent to write. Assem Tenan! Arrrgh 😡

Not without reason, he said so richly, but the results of my IQ test say so.

Yes, my linguistic intelligence is fairly bad.

That means, I am not smart enough "aka rada bego" in terms of the ability to process words in speech and writing. 😞😭

Good thing, I'm not baper.

Even though it was emotional because of such a trial, but it did not make me "yes" the results of the test, it made me even more compelled to prove otherwise, "Hmm, watch out!" 😤👊

Yes, since I took the psychometric test in high school, I became convinced that the test results were wrong, really wrong!

So, what are the results?

Long story short, in 2010, I tried to write a book. The title is strange, "How to Get the Future". The sales are not as booming as my current books, but the book provides a special emotional experience for me. What …


Why, why is that? Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣

Now, try to think, bro:

Is Ustadz-Ustadz a lecture about death, have they ever died?

Are sales people selling BMW cars, they use BMW?

Are you all lecturers who teach businesses, do they have business?

Hayooooo, can you answer or not? You can! 😂

Again, don't have to be MAKE, to be able to SELL. Why? Because the competence is different.

Yes, those are two different things.

It looks like this ...

Not all restaurant owners, they can cook. Also, not all who can cook, can have a restaurant business.

Not all hospital owners, they are doctors. Also, not all who become doctors can have a hospital business.

Not all salon owners, they are bencong. Also, not all those who become empty, can have a salon business.

So, clear? 😁

Likewise, I, the cosmetics business ...

Even though I don't use all the products, it doesn't mean that I can't sell cosmetics.

You really want to, look at the guys who sell cosmetics suddenly become bencong and waria, just bec…


Today, for the second time I set foot in Bandung, only to explore the knowledge held by Kang Dewa Eka Prayoga ....

I am very grateful, God moved my heart to meet great people, of course who had never thought before when I was in college ...

I am only a person of knowledge, and I am aware of that, so this is my biggest motivation to continue learning, learning and learning, and I am afraid of being satisfied when God is given a little knowledge, so I feel someone who is smart, even though originally the very, very devoted knowledge ...

Hopefully the City of Bandung is a witness of the journey I built My Business NSH Puppet Sitkom Manufacturer of Dolls (making Character Carpet & Dolls), to continue to grow and develop, which can not only succeed in the world but also success in the hereafter ....

Mas Saptuari is my inspiration, which makes me rise and believe only in Allah, and leave usury debt and pay it off, even though there is only one more step of my struggle and Husband to im…

Surprised, there was a high school student who came to me when I finished filling out a workshop at one of the private high school in Tangerang

Surprised, there was a high school student who came to me when I finished filling out a workshop at one of the private high school in Tangerang. The first impression of this child is innocent, innocent, confident, polite to know and respect for others.
Shortly after greeting me, the following dialog occurred:
Student: Can I go to college? I really want you to go to college
I: God willing, you can and I'm sure you can, while I pat his shoulder to give him confidence. From the look in his eyes there was a ray of happiness and high confidence for him to be able to achieve what he aspired to, namely to continue studying.
Long after that, I had forgotten about the occurrence of a brief dialogue with one of the high school students. So that at one time I got a message from someone's personal facebook who ordered it, "Do you still remember me? I had a dialogue with my father the other day and expressed my desire to go to college. "For a moment I tried to remember and I forg…