I really really don't like to take a walk. That is, it is not just walking really, but the road in the sense of traveling and holidays. Why?

Yes, I don't like it. Because in my opinion, it's better to work on the front of the laptop than to explore a vacation spot that is said to be fun. Apart from being lazy, even too tired. Hehehe.

The problem is, my wife & child is just the opposite. They would prefer to go for a walk than if they have to go to the house first. Hadeeeeuh ... I got confused. Mumet, bro!

If I am selfish, then there will be no such thing as Family Time in a week to take a walk with them, because that is not really me. However, I keep trying to understand their desires, even though my empathy is low, it does not mean that it is used as an excuse to be a husband and father that sucks for dear ones. Hopefully they don't consider me such a husband / father. 😭😭😭 aamiiin ... tag Wiwin Supiyah

After trying to get used to it, it turns out the streets are quite exciting too. Ha ha ha...

Not because of the road, but wisdom and lessons learned in the process of the journey. What do you mean? 🤔

As Imam Shafi'i said, the walks turned out to have many benefits. What's that?


So, if you are sad, stuffy, stressed, mummified, tired, and the like, don't just self-stick at home! So?

Go outside the house. Take a walk ...

Go to a beautiful place to see the natural scenery around, feel how awesome the creation of Allah the Greatest. Allah, Allah ... Allahu Akbar. Beautiful.


If you want to get wild ideas, take frequent trips.

But ... so that the idea is not just a wild idea without the benefits, then the walk must be invited by friends. Well while on the trip, lots of talking with them. I am sure with certainty, you will get a lot of valuable lessons and insights from them.


Whether we realize it or not, with a walk, our knowledge and knowledge will increase by itself. At a minimum, insight into a new fact about A, B, or C. It must be, "Ooh, anyway ..."

Especially if you are walking around, you equip yourself with useful reading books, please keep it in your bag. Later when people (your friends) are delayed, you open the bag, take the book. Read. So, automatically adds knowledge, insight, and new knowledge. Make sense?


For this matter, not only said Imam Shafi'i, but Umar bin Khattab also suggested it, especially if we really want a partnership or business ownership with people. Oh that's really important.

In fact, Umar suggested not only take a day or two, but up to 10 days. Why? In order to know the true character and character of the friend who wants to be invited by the business together. Because it is said, if only one or two days, they can still pretend, but if it's been 10 days or long, the original character and character will appear, appear, and can't be covered up anymore, the good and bad will appear.

It's just a matter of recognizing the character / character of people, it's not a matter of expanding his friendship.

For example: add network.

If in business, for example, add distributors, agents, or resellers. We walk around Indonesia while opening new networks in every city, that is very possible.

Let alone if it is diseriusin and programmed, just running around can often get new business partners. Have you ever experienced it?

I, ever, often.

Who wants to be a Distributor of Shaliha Hijab for example.

There are people who have been playing in Hijab for a long time, eh he is interested in selling products from Shaliha too. I was also surprised, plus I was surprised, how come they were interested? The problem is that we rarely have promos for open resellers or agents, let alone open distributors. Very rare. It's just like that. Ngegulung ...

When it was investigated, it turned out that her interest started from her experience when she bought Shaliha's robe. He said, okay. Very comfortable clothes. Betah used everywhere.

Used in the room, you can.
Used for recitation, you can.
Used for social gathering, you can.
Using a walk, you can.
Using Umrah, you can.

Ah, it's really very comfortable.

I & my wife didn't expect it, the SHALIHA brand could stick to their minds. In fact, our dream is that someday Shaliha will be able to complement their important moments, uh, it turns out that it has already begun to be achieved. Allah, Rabb, Thank God very much. God's permission.

Pantes just isn't surprising, how come it's getting here which is http://bit.ly/JadiResellerSHALIHA more and more. Even though I rarely promo. Not as often as book promos, tools, workshops, and cosmetics. Hijab promotion is very rare. Just natural, run a brand strategy that has been built since the beginning. Especially after yesterday learning from mas Dodi Zulkifli at the workshop http://brandmasterclass.id, ah this really works. Joss keep up!


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