Why, why is that? Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣

Now, try to think, bro:

Is Ustadz-Ustadz a lecture about death, have they ever died?

Are sales people selling BMW cars, they use BMW?

Are you all lecturers who teach businesses, do they have business?

Hayooooo, can you answer or not? You can! 😂

Again, don't have to be MAKE, to be able to SELL. Why? Because the competence is different.

Yes, those are two different things.

It looks like this ...

Not all restaurant owners, they can cook. Also, not all who can cook, can have a restaurant business.

Not all hospital owners, they are doctors. Also, not all who become doctors can have a hospital business.

Not all salon owners, they are bencong. Also, not all those who become empty, can have a salon business.

So, clear? 😁

Likewise, I, the cosmetics business ...

Even though I don't use all the products, it doesn't mean that I can't sell cosmetics.

You really want to, look at the guys who sell cosmetics suddenly become bencong and waria, just because they use lipstick? 😘

Yeah, God forbid! Naudzubillah ...

"But bro, are we guys who can sell cosmetics? We don't use it ourselves. It's hard to sell it ... "

Aah, again, it's just limiting belief.

The proof, Top 1 Distributor of Cosmetics so far has been led by real men, not bencong. Here is the account: Ibrahim Dwi Santoso & Alfi Syahrin.

In fact, they are not only good at selling cosmetics, but they can also be top 1 distributors for a period of 14 times, unbeatable. How come?

Yes, can. Because limiting belief they have destroyed it. Anyway you can! Biidznillah .. His permission.

Moreover, if the products we market are really useful, aka have high value and clear benefits, such as cosmetic products from B erl ...

BPOM? Already.
Halal? Already.
Secure? Of course.

Anyway, everything is clear.

Not to mention when talking about the potential of the cosmetics business whose industry is growth-growth. In addition to the large market siz, the customer retention (repeat order) is high, and the customer is unique. Who is that? Obviously, woman. Where when they say "funny", it's the mean they have to buy. Hihihi 😅

That is when you see fashion products, such as bags, clothes, veils, jackets, headscarves, and the like. But if it's a cosmetic product, without them saying it's funny, they will most likely buy. Why? Because it looks beautiful, beautiful and clean, it's a woman's instincts. And it must be. Required. Preening. Beautiful.

"Wow, if that's the case, then I mean that the guy who can sell B erl Cosmetics is also right, bro?"

Yes, it certainly can, really ...

I don't have to say, right? That being a distributor, agent, or Beller reseller is really good. Why?

- Luckily Gede
- Many rewards
- Nuance of Kinship
- Uphold Spirituality
- Guided from the Expert
- Diajarin Step by Step
- Can Be Used As Shaking
- Don't limit fortune

And of course, you are very friendly.

Not to mention the surprise gifts that we always give, such as umrah, traveling to Singapore, holidays to Bali, gifts of laptops, motorbikes, cellphones, and others. Ah, so much really. Crazy, bro!

So, don't ask questions again, "Can you sell cosmetics?"

Obviously, the answer may be.

That may not be, selling drugs, marijuana, heroin, shabu-shabu, and pork. Haram! Sip?

Clear? Or Rejoice? 😁

After all, those who have become B erl Family and decided to sell cosmetics, their enthusiasm is very big, they want to be free of usury.

Don't want to buy a KPR house.
Don't want to buy a Leasing car.
Don't want to use Credit Card shopping.
I don't want to go to Umrah, I was cheated (because I was looking for a cheap one, because there was no money).

... and other noble intentions.

Ah, God is really the point.

"Because selling cosmetics is Halal, while Riba is Haram"

Hopefully anyone who is still struggling in usury, soon God is free. Aamiiin ya Allah ya rabbal ‘aalamiin ...

Of course, the condition is one: loss of prestige.

Remember, prestige isn't brought to death. Is it debt? Certainly. #JLEBBB

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