Must be a red date, it does not mean a lack of enthusiasm to get red money. Hehe

Because the day may be a holiday, but maximum effort and resignation cannot be relaxed. Then the brutal action, the ojo kakean alesan. Shut up! 😤👊

By the way, Mofast's registration will end tonight. So, for those who have not had the chance to register, or are still procrastinating and many delays, immediately take advantage of the opportunity, before being late.

Link the list of partners to:

Before you list Mofast partners, I want to share a little about the concept of sustenance. So, I personally include people who do not think that hard hard will be directly proportional to the results. Oh, no. You know?

If the formula or rules are so, then the pelvis and construction workers will be the most successful people on the face of the earth. In fact? Not all, barely even.

So, when it comes to sustenance, it's always cool and there won't be any boredom. The proof is, the more here the more books that use the keyword "sustenance" on their cover, I have sustained it, this is fortune, what sustenance, and the like.

However, I have my own views regarding the concept of sustenance. One day if God allows, it might be recorded as well. Exciting times huh? Anuan fortune. Hehehe.

What needs to be understood in the concept of sustenance is related to 2 things. What are they?

First, AL-HAAL.

Al-Haal is the Arabic language of conditions, namely certain conditions that usually can bring sustenance for us as humans. Its nature is uncertain, but it is in an area which is cultivated by humans.

What is an example?

Sell ​​it.

... and other jobs.

In essence, everything can be sought by us as human beings, as a form of effort and resignation to pick up His sustenance.

Secondly, AL-ASBAB.

Al-Asbab is the Arabic language of cause, namely the origin (cause and effect) of the coming of sustenance. Its nature is very certain, but it is in the ghoib region, aka it cannot be sensed and felt. Therefore, it requires a definite proposition to understand that. What is that? Al-Qur'an and As-Sunnah.

Already a lot of arguments in the Qur'an that discuss this provision, for example:

"Eat from REZEKI WHO HAS GOD GIVE YOU, and do not follow the steps of shaitan. Surely shaitan is a real enemy to you "(Surat al-An'aam: 142)


"Allah created you, then GIVES YOU REZEKI, then turns you off, then brings you to life (back). Is there any among you who are ashamed of Allah who can do something from this? Exalted in Him and the Most High of what they associate "(Surah Ar-Ruum: 40)

And also:

"And when it was said unto them:" Spend a portion of the REZEKI GIVEN TO YOU ", then the disbelievers say to those who believe:" Will we feed those who if Allah wills He will feed him, you are not but in a real error. " (QS. Yasin: 47)

... and many more, like QS. Al-Imran: 37, QS. Al-Ankabut: 60, QS. Al-Hajj: 58, QS. Ar-Ra'd: 26, QS. Al-Ankabut: 17, etc. Much!

So, it's really clear, REZEKI IS COMING ONLY FROM GOD.

Unfortunately, many people understand sustenance with wrong understanding.

They think this way:
"Oh, I can turn this up because of my hard work ..."

"It was Pantes that he turned on billions of rupiahs from his team just great ..."

"It's only natural that he floods the orders every day, the CEO is good ..."

... and the like, PDI thoughts. As if it's true, even though it's totally wrong.

So what should it be?

Yes, we should, we believe that it all comes from Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. Even though the name of work, business, business, el el, is just "AL-HAAL" only, as a form of commitment and it seems we are picking up sustenance from Allah.

Then, this thought appears:

"If the fortune comes for sure, why do you work?

"If that provision must have been given by God, then just give up ..."

"Ah, I got it, just like this, I just received it, right from Allah ..."

... and similar thoughts, which seem right, but can be mistaken.

Remember, Islam only knows Tawakkal, not just surrender. What is the difference?

Resignation is really resigned without effort and without relying on Allah, while Tawakkal is accompanied by effort (ikhtiyar) and fully surrendered to Allah.

So, for us - I & you - who are entrepreneurs, we really don't have a permanent job, let alone a steady income, but one thing that needs to be underlined: we have to keep working. What are you doing?

Yes, that was before, part of the Ikhtiyar and our Tawakkal to Allah ta'alaa, do not worry.

So don't be surprised, there are people who sell right, the copywriting is the same, the product is the same, the price is the same, the closing technique is the same, but how come the turnover is different?

The answer: because the provision is different.


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