Surprised, there was a high school student who came to me when I finished filling out a workshop at one of the private high school in Tangerang

Surprised, there was a high school student who came to me when I finished filling out a workshop at one of the private high school in Tangerang. The first impression of this child is innocent, innocent, confident, polite to know and respect for others.
Shortly after greeting me, the following dialog occurred:
Student: Can I go to college? I really want you to go to college
I: God willing, you can and I'm sure you can, while I pat his shoulder to give him confidence. From the look in his eyes there was a ray of happiness and high confidence for him to be able to achieve what he aspired to, namely to continue studying.
Long after that, I had forgotten about the occurrence of a brief dialogue with one of the high school students. So that at one time I got a message from someone's personal facebook who ordered it, "Do you still remember me? I had a dialogue with my father the other day and expressed my desire to go to college. "For a moment I tried to remember and I forgot about the incident. But I just told you to give me a bad taste, can you help?
I want to go to college, he said from there. Oh, please just bro, just register, by chance tomorrow we have a free workshop, the mas can come. He replied well sir I will come.
When on the appointed day of the workshop I promised this student to come together with his friends which I indeed invited to attend the free workshop that we scheduled.
Then finally he and his friends immediately registered to study at AIC, finally this child managed to go to college, that's when I just remembered this child, oh yeah, you ever asked me the other day, huh?
Behind this child's journey to AIC, there was an extraordinary long journey he felt, this was told when interrupted when I immediately asked him how he could get to AIC.
It starts from the journey when there is a scholarship program that is taken when one of the private campuses in Tangerang offers lectures on terms while working at a company that has worked with the campus. In fact, according to him, he wanted to study at AIC, but he thought of the AIC with the campus he entered.
But in his journey it turned out to be not in accordance with what he expected, hoping to be able to get adequate skills to work according to the field of interest, namely IT, but in reality only the theories were obtained, not to mention the demands of extraordinary jobs demanding he have to drain time and the mind to continue working while studying. Unlucky when a few months working at the company, there was a one-sided dismissal by the company that the students who were entrusted to the company were returned to campus because it was not in line with expectations. Eventually this child also decided to leave the company even though he was not included, but the cadre was not comfortable with other friends.
One time there was a new offer to work in one of the internet provider companies to become a network technician. This is actually a good opportunity for him to find experience in accordance with the field he wants. But this is where the suffering begins, because they do not have adequate skills in the field of computer networks, these children are often bullied, scolded, ridiculed, scolded and various kinds of insults, invective because they often make quite fatal mistakes, and result in the company finally firing this child with terms. But the severity of the conditions that must be required by the company and he felt unable to fulfill them finally he decided to leave the company with a vengeance in his heart, that someday I would prove that I was able to become a person with skills and competencies in the field Computer Networking.
After leaving the company, he decided to contact me because the only contact he had was Facebook, so he tried to find my contact on Facebook so that there was communication via a message on Facebook as I said above.
Today, with the skills and competencies he has as well as a good mindset that continues to grow, finally this child has a large capacity to become a professional in IT specializing in Computer Networking. With hard work, smart work, complete work, and sincere work, as well as a blessing from a mother who is very loved and always asks for the blessing of the mother at all times. Today the prayer was answered finally this child is no longer looking for work but the job is looking for him.
Currently he is one of the IT Kominfo Team of Tangerang City where to enter there as an IT staff requires high skill and competency and a high academic level that must graduate from a minimum of S1 in IT, but this child is able to prove that


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