I rada naf right when I got a verdict from one of the teachers who said that I didn't have the talent to write. Assem Tenan! Arrrgh 😡

Not without reason, he said so richly, but the results of my IQ test say so.

Yes, my linguistic intelligence is fairly bad.

That means, I am not smart enough "aka rada bego" in terms of the ability to process words in speech and writing. 😞😭

Good thing, I'm not baper.

Even though it was emotional because of such a trial, but it did not make me "yes" the results of the test, it made me even more compelled to prove otherwise, "Hmm, watch out!" 😤👊

Yes, since I took the psychometric test in high school, I became convinced that the test results were wrong, really wrong!

So, what are the results?

Long story short, in 2010, I tried to write a book. The title is strange, "How to Get the Future". The sales are not as booming as my current books, but the book provides a special emotional experience for me. What is that?

Yes it was, when I tried to ask for input from one of my writing mentors at the time, he said this as if it were the same as the results of my IQ test a few years ago, "The book is too ordinary. The contents are too standard. Already a lot of rich books like this. It's no different from the others ... "#JLEB 😭

Inputs and comments from him made my memories return to the memory of the past, when a teacher BP delivered his IQ test results in front of me, "Bad God Linguistic Intelligence ...". ☹️

Since then I have almost become desperate to be a writer. Maybe, it's not my way of life.

Yes, I don't have good writing talent.

My writing is too ordinary.
My writing is too standard.
My writing is too stiff.

... and other vices.

Fortunately, precisely Alhamdulillah, I am not the type of person who easily believes in people's judgment or assessment tools, moreover the results of his judgment do not empower the contents of my mind. Ah, that devil!

I am aware, I am not interested in being a writer.
I realized, I didn't interest writing.

"What, rich girl alone ...", I thought at the time.

Yes, in my mind, the profession of a writer is only suitable and suitable for a woman.

For boys, lecturer.
For guys, doctor.
For guys, yes, businessman

As low as that I thought. Past. 🙈

But these non-empowering understandings eventually disappeared in my mind as I often read books about Self Improvement / Development.

Yes, that's what is called Limiting Belief.

I tried to eliminate it.
I fought against it.
I insist on destroying it.

Until finally, I have new, empowering beliefs that I am a great writer.

I am a Best Seller writer.
I am the author of Favorites.
I'm an influential writer.
I am an Extraordinary writer.

Ah, the point is, these positive thoughts and identities have begun to embed me since the beginning of 2012.

Until finally, the bankruptcy of the value of billions arrived. Debt of Rp. 7.7 billion.

On the basis of input from a friend, I was advised to write a book.

I could refuse. Why?

Obviously, I'm bankrupt.

Can't concentrate writing.
Can't concentrate.

More complicated, stressed, and frustrated. While writing really needs a high level of concentration.

But again, in an instant I lost the Limiting Belief.

I can Nulis Ekspress.
I am able to Write Fast.

As fast as lightning, wuuuzzzz! ⚡️

And the book was finished in just 7 days. Exactly 1 week. Super express. Crazy.

Long story short, the book sold up to tens of thousands of copies. Best seller. National. Alhamdulillah, Allah's permission. His help.

The 3rd book was written. Best seller.
The 4th book was written. Best seller.
The 5th book was written. Best seller.
The 6th book was written. Best seller.
The 7th book was written. Best seller.
The 8th book was written. Best seller.
The 9th book was written. Best seller.
The 10th book was written. Best seller.
The 11th book was written. Best seller.
The 12th book was written. Best seller.

And Alhamdulillah again, not just writing books, but writing advertisements and promos, so persuasive. That's why, on the Google and Youtube search engines, when you type the word "Copywriting", my name will appear, "Dewa Eka Prayoga".

Not because of the settings, but maybe netizens and ummah admit it. Alhamdulillah, it could be wasilah learning Copywriting Sciences.

Unimaginable, if I had swallowed a "kampret verdict" from the IG test results that I had obtained since high school, maybe now I would not be a Best Seller and Copywriter who produced billions in sales. Alhamdulillah, Allah's permission. Qodarullah.

In this case, I want to convey to you, do not like to swallow your verdict and bad talk about yourself. Remember, your fate is in your hands, not someone else, let alone just the results of test / tools.

God alone


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